The Red Sea

The Red Sea



!he lessons learned from the rediscovery of the Red Sea Crossing Site, in

the late 1900’s may be even more valuable than the discovery itself! At

the site of the Red Sea Crossing, pillars were found, on both sides of the

Red Sea. Isaiah wrote of one of these pillars in Isaiah 19:19. The pillar,

on the Egypt side of the Gulf of Aqaba ( part of the Red Sea ) is shown

above. This discovery was made in the late 20th century, by Ron Wyatt,

a self taught archaeologist. On the pillar, on the Saudi Arabian side, were

inscriptions that indicated that King Solomon had had these pillars erected

during his reign in around 940 BC, to commemorate the Red Sea crossing,

which had occurred about 500 years earlier. The pillar on the Saudi side

has since been replaced with a flag

Amazing Artist Omaste

 Closeup Wth A Vibrant Orange Lily Abstract Flower Omaste Witkowski owFotoGrafik.comfacebooktwitterpinterestgoogle +stumbleupontumblrflickrbadge64_64_2RebelMouse_badgeinstagramlinkedin

Omaste  in such a wonderful artist, her art include so many beautiful mediums. Her passion for art is written all over

her works. Abstracts so beautiful, Flowers you almost feel like you can reach out and touch them.

Her beautiful glass art is something to be desired. Oils, Acrylics  and whatever you may find in her beautiful

blogs and all of the above button.Do visit this lovely Ladies awesome art, you sure will love her work.

One of my favorite things to do is to feature awesome artists . What else can I say..Omaste fits that description to a T



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