Mrs. lime Ghika church is the only monument of architecture in Bucharest built (craftsman Weltz) in neo-classical Italian style, come to us via Russia. Original oil painting, merge Byzantine-Western was a rare copy of good religious painting, executed by Italian painter Alberto Giacometti in 1833 (washed in 1927).

Flying Home With All The Kids

flying-home-with-the-kidsHi all this is just one of my fun images. I started a while ago and tonight I was kind of board with everything and decided to look around and find something I started but waited for another day.. when I felt board or creative.. I guess I am both.. lol

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saint old spiridon church

Paul this is so beautifull…

Paul Militaru

Old Saint Spiridon Church is in the center of Bucharest, in an area where almost every corner evoke successive epochs of history in Bucharest, a few steps from the old Bridge of Mogosoaiei (today’s Calea Victoriei).
Former monastery church of Saint Spiridon Old, small and without towers, has had a tumultuous existence, due to changes over time in its surrounding space.
In the second half of the eighteenth century, there was a wooden church, as stated on March 9, 1680, in a document from Serban Cantacuzino remained; But nobody knows when it was built.
According to some historians, it was founded by noblemen Floresti, serving as a chapel for their homes, located nearby, on the left bank of Dambovita.
The last inscription, in Greek and Arabic, show that the ruler Constantin Mavrocordat, in the fourth reign in Romanian country after monastery dedicated to Saint Spiridon Old Patriarchate of Antioch, on…

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fountain four seasons

so beautiful

Paul Militaru

The fountain was made at about 1900 and is small and green, and green to be confused with the square of the intersection Armand Calinescu Street and Carol Avenue, opposite Alpha Bank building, near the Armenian Church.
The beauty of a fountain stand and pleased to put his hand in the water to stand on its edge with the birds, feel the coolness of the water when the wind blows.
The leitmotiv of the four seasons is found frequently in classical fountains architecture. In this case, the seasons are the four girls who take symbolic or a bouquet of flowers or a sheaf of corn, a bunch of grapes or an arm of kindling. Each intervening marine elements – large shells are placed on the pedestal, and the fish in the mouth which should release water (and seemingly coming out this summer, argue with us, if you remember otherwise) argue…

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stephen the great

Beautiful Beautiful Paul

Paul Militaru

Borzesti Church founded by Stephen the Great, who ruled the country Moldavia between 1457-1504, attest the age of these places.

Legend “Oak Borzesti” evokes a time of Stephen the Great’s childhood, which he spent in Borzestiului surroundings.

Legend speaks of a giant oak, around which they imagined Stephen and his friends through their game attack came from tatarilor.Dar unfortunately reality replace their game, and when coming Tartars, Mitrut friend was abandoned the old man and oak branches tied even killed tatar khan.

This tragic event has remained etched in the minds of the young Stephen.

Over the years the ruler Stefan cel Mare message of peace sent Tatar khan but he again invaded the land of the Great Moldovei.Stefan caught and killed in the same way as killing childhood Friend, Mitra-related towering oak branches.

As legend has exalted ruler Borzesti church, in memory of his friend at the towering oak.

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